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Rent the Advance Electronic Voting System

Renting our machines for an election is easy.

You can e-mail info@votrite.com to request a quote on renting one of our voting systems or call (516) 414-1874.

What’s Included?

  • Microsoft OS Windows
  • PinPad Management on screen
  • Encrypted Ballot Program Memory Card (Retains all voting sessions and results)
  • Encrypted Vote Calculation Memory Card
  • Optional Printers for voting sessions available.
  • Visually Impaired Headset (Optional)
  • Disability Sip & Puff Kit (Optional)
  • Disability Button Click Device (Optional)
  • Pick-up & Delivery nationwide.

Shipping Made Easy – Delivery FREE within a 50 mile radius from New York City

The reduction in freight costs and the availability to you in your area  guarantee a cost effective on time election for your membership.
VotRite equipment moves quickly these days – sometimes we can even get it to you within the hour or you can pick it up at any of our nationwide distribution centers.