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Voting Machines

Caesar III cropped

Caesar III Model

  • Voters can verify their selections and change their vote at any time before they cast their ballot.
  • The VorRite program eliminates the possibility of over voting; saved VOIDED ballots; thus every vote counts.
  • PRINTED results are available immediately following the closing of the election.
  • Minimum vote required option available in races in which bullet voting is not allowed
  • Multiple election formats available: Share voting; Percentage voting; Tenant voting; Optional Slate voting; Precinct Voting; Weighted Vote; Party Voting. voting by county and by state
  • Ballots can be programed with photos of candidates and their party logo alongside their name.
  • Records of ALL voting sessions (the cast ballot) are captured in a PNG format and cannot be altered.  Each record is assigned a randomly generated 32 digit ID for maximum security.
  • Votes are immediately confirmed on-screen with green check marks; selections can be reviewed at a glance.
  • Mere touch allows voters to resume voting.
  • Advanced Electronic Voting System (AEVS) Smart’s Intelligence also blocks out redundant voting criterias.
  • A Full Ballot 21.5″ display as background screen always gives the edge to the voter and contestants as their favorite contestants’ always are displayed so that they don’t miss out on voting.
  • Voters can also write-in candidates by using the touchscreen keypad.
  • Those with impaired eyesight will be able to access the information with headphones.
  • Those with other disabilities can use the head mouse for ballot positioning. (See disabilities section)
  • A “no-vote” option. If allowed, this option helps avoid unintentional under votes. This provides the voter with the option to select “skip” (or abstain) on the display screen if the voter does not want to vote on a particular contest or issue.

Ultra Thin Caesar IV Model

  • Along with the above features of our Caesar III, the large typeface on the full 21.5” LCD vandal-proof display touch-screen with privacy screens built -in makes ballots easy to read and fully secured while voting.
  • Optional full ballot print out and verification by the voting session is available under glass.
  • Optional printer with auto cutter for final vote collection is also available.
  • Wheelchairs are easily accommodated by adjusting the screen’s height. No other adjustments are necessary.
  • The Audio Voting feature allows our equipment to serve visually impaired voters and people who have difficulty reading.
  • Our equipment also accommodates voters with neurological disabilities by offering head movement switches and “sip and puff”.
  • Ballots in multiple languages* are available.  Addition languages can be programmed upon the clients request.
  • Optional battery
  • Secure by encryptions, ballots have be saved in picture files for additional reference. Along with the actual printed ballots in our optional secured ballot boxes, the availability of comparison to eliminate any challenges makes the Caesar models unique in their transparency.