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Mobile voting is secure.

VotRite utilizes triple encryption programs along with dedicated cloud servers to protect your election.  Our security is unchallenged!  Private PIN numbers expire after one use and certified end of day results are available within seconds after the close of the election.

Mobile Voting Portal at Votritenow.com

Our services now include the votritenow.com mobile voting portal.  A secure and simple way to address your voting and election process needs. The system is completely Internet browser accessible and requires no software or configuration to work.

All devices and major browser platforms are supported (iPhone, Android, Windows mobile, Blackberry, etc.). Additionally, we can supply kiosk terminals as needed when you require them.

all languages, ballot, and customization have been already prepared for the client.  No setup required by the client.  Just click on the votritenow.com site, bring up your election and insert your assigned pin number.  Then VOTE.


Authentication is an important part of the voting process, both for the voting system authenticating the human as a legitimate voter without sacrificing secret balloting, and for the voter authenticating the voting mechanism. Human factors are a crucial part of the authentication process.  Our system for authenticating the vote is designed in a way that ensures the human cannot be easily tricked into trusting an illegitimate ballot. Our electronic voting equipment is one of the most significant achievements of the future information society.
VotRite will have an enormous impact on the election process, making it fast, reliable, inexpensive, and allow for the ability to provide secured internet voting in the near future. As a result, most of the research effort by VotRite is put into developing protocols and machines for poll-site electronic voting while keeping in mind the future of voting on the internet. Visit our Remote Voting Portal site at www.votritenow.com for a PREVIEW of what is to come.