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Touchscreen Voting Technology

This new type of touchscreen voting is cutting edge technology and will remain with the public for many years. Voter instructional display  (videos), disability enhancement tools, and optional voting models are among our products. We are especially focused on providing a complete package to the voter and voter’s representatives with ultimate security and quality.

Currently we have developed numerous tools such as:

  • Training: A training video and operating manual are available in multi languages.  Seminars would be arranged at the client’s locations.
  • Videos: VotRite’s instructional videos.
  • Manuals: configurations Management Policies, Quality Management Manual, Technical Data Package, Operating Manuals, Equipment Worker Manual, Maintenance Manuals and Program Manuals.
  • Custom Software Services: Software services are available.
  • Data Retention: VotRite maintains dedicated servers as well as Microsoft Share point for archiving of election data for our clients up to 2 years.


Product and Service Description

Machine Benefits

  • Our machines are manufactured  from fortune 500 companies.
  • Executable programs have been eliminated from our flash cards to avoid hacking of the data.
  • The auto activation feature is provided by pin pad management,which allows the  worker to enter his/her user code and then password to activate the ballot.  This also provides complete audit features including system ID and performance procedures.
  • VR’s touch  screen technology provides simple “touch” voting.  Many voters have experienced touch screen technology, at their banks and local stores, which makes the technology less intimidating.  Instructions and prompts easily guide users through all phases of the voting process.
  • VR’s audit features provides nothing less that 100 percent accuracy, privacy and security.  The audit trail (logs) provides an unalterable electronic record of all votes cast during an election.  This record is redundantly stored in the system on a compact  Drive which is secured in sealed space and encrypted.  The card does not contain any executable programs. Additionally, a chronological event log records the time, date, and nature of all significant system activity.
  • The voter verified audio audit transcript trail allows the hearing impaired to step up to the machine and put on the provided headphones.  Each time the voter makes a selection, he/she hears the ballot in the language they chose in the headphones. The audio confirmation will be heard for every action that the voter takes.  In addition, a privacy mode has been developed that will blank the screen upon command for added comfort for the visually impaired.
  • The Pin pad is designed with Braille capability for the visually impaired.
  • Language: All ballots including the visual impaired speech ballots are programmed in multi languages: Additional languages available upon request)
  • VR allows WRITE-IN capabilities.
  • Overvoting is not allowed and will not allow the user additional options when the choices for a race are expired.

 Technology with Security

  • Our Operating system as well as our BIOS is encrypted and a password is required to access it.
  • Our VotRite proprietary software gives the voter simplicity of voting, in which results are quickly uploaded using the Secured Compact Flash Card, and the confidence of our redundancies in our system for vote tally is un-matched.
  • Voters have multiple opportunities to correct their ballot prior to casting their vote.
  • The simplicity of design allows workers to confidently operate the voting machine.

VotRite’s Superior Design offers:

  • Voter Issue – Simplicity of Voting with the ability to change their ballot prior to casting their vote.
  • Election Night Reporting – Results are quickly uploaded using the compact Flash Card.
  • Election Results – Immediate on end of day printed report.
  • Voter Confidence – Redundancies for vote tally and complete transparency.
  • Poll worker – Simplicity of design allows poll worker to confidently operate voting machine without assembly.
  • Election Maintenance – Simplicity of design allows the mechanic to quickly correct any potential problem and quickly replace any part.
  • ADA Compliance – State of the art optional disability enhancement tools such as sip/puff, button click devices, and visually impaired capability are all accented with specifically designed software capabilities which are built into the machine for disabled voters.
  • Re-canvassing of results – All voter sessions are saved in  jpeg files. Optional printers are available for paper receipts and provide for speedy certification of the election with the VotRite Administrator software.