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The Movement to the Electronic Age of Voting Technology

VotRite is a  business brought together by people on their common belief that the movement to the electronic age of technology for voting is essential and significant.

VotRite’s staff will continue to be the driving force in the development of “Voting with Technology” in various sectors of our country.

“VotRite already has a strong presence in the voting community for various organized membership voting organizations,” said VotRite’s Partner Antonia Rollandi.”

Future of Touch Screen Technology

Our vision and strategic focus is Voting with Technology to meet the seismic shift in the nature of the demand for voting services. Automated teller machines (ATMs) are regularly used by almost every bank. In various embodiments, one or more ATM machines have the same criteria as DREs. The extensive use of ATMs has made it understandable for the voter to use a DRE on a worldwide basis.

VotRite has launched a new version of their website which features the internet’s only combined worldwide mobile voting systems called www.votritenow.com

The user interface and navigation of our version of remote voting enables our clients the convenience to enrich their online voting experience wherever they are in the world.”

Additional features include remote voting from your iPhone, blackberry, ipad, and other connective devices which allow the voter to access our site and vote with exclusive pin numbers, on a unique security system.

Additionally, VotRite filed it’s application for certification with the New York State Board of Elections when completed will give the company access to over 9000 municipalities as well as State and Federal Elections.

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