In our democracy, every vote has power.
Never forget that power is yours.
“Let’s make sure that this time, every vote is counted.”



Rent the Ultimate Voting Machine

Voting Machine rentals can be a real lifesaver in a number of business situations. Voting machine rentals make good business sense for many reasons, including:

  1. Keeping up with technology: By renting voting equipments, you are able to produce as ready results on your election.
  2. Affordability: Voting equipment rentals are a great way to reduce costs.
  3. Support: VotRite offers IT support 24 hours a day, seven days a week nationwide.
  4. Convenience: Voting equipment may be the best solution if your organization only votes on a limited basis.
  5. Presently our machines have been used in English, Spanish, French, Green, Russian, Ukraine, Polish, Chinese, and Korean, but can also be programmed in any language.
  6. All VotRite equipment is disability ready for the visually impaired and the handicapped.
  7. The auto activation feature is provided by pin pad management
  8. Instant customization – VotRite can customize your ballot with not only candidate positions or propositions, but with the graphics of your choice. Finest quality equipment – All voting Equipment has been certified and meets all the local and nationwide standards, and is the best in the market. We continuously upgrade our software and hardware so you receive the best voting rental equipment.

VotRite, LLC

We are especially focused on providing user friendly and user driven systems with services and security to voters in every environment. The systems include a PC-based system and a three tier redundant memory-based systems. Our services include ballot design, training, software and hardware support. We also support each voting client with a voter instruction video.


Various Projected Voting Applications


Group Elections
Employee Surveys
Focus Groups
Town Hall Meetings
Live Elections
Conference Polls
Strategic Planning

Resolutions and Propositions

And Many More Including:
Associations, Corporations, Cooperatives, and Credit Unions Government Agencies, Retirement Systems, Unions, Healthcare, Law Enforcement Organizations.